Oh, The Linsanity!

What are you going to do with all your Jeremy Lin merch now?

Well, the unthinkable happened. who captured the imaginations of New York City last year before falling to injury, has been allowed to sign with the Houston Rockets.

The Knicks decided not to match the $25 million offer Lin received as a free agent from the Texas franchise, ending the 'Linsanity' era in New York City in its 'linfancy.'

So the real question, for eager Knicks fans and local sporting goods stores alike, is what to do with all this Jeremy Lin merchandise?

Somehow, the ancient (by NBA standards) Jason Kidd and Marcus Camby don't seem like they're going to be able to capture the public fascination the way Lin did.

Oh well, there's always .

Tell us in the comments what you're going to do with all those Linsanity towels, t-shirts, jerseys, posters, 'lincense holders,' and more, and whether you think the Knicks were crazy to let the kid go.


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