Bloomberg's Courtside Trip: Intentional or Not?

At a Knicks game over the weekend, Mayor Mike was involved in an incident that injured a Spurs player.

It's straight out of Curb Your Enthusiasm — literally.

In an moment that could have been adapted from the HBO comedy, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was involved in a courtside incident during this weekend's Knicks-Spurs tip, according to the New York Post.

It turns out that Mayor Bloomberg had physical contact with Stephen Jackson before the Spurs forward had to leave the game against the Knicks last Thursday with a sprained ankle. ...

Eyewitnesses reported that Jackson tripped on a waitress, who was crouched on the sidelines with her back to the Madison Square Garden court while serving a drink to the mayor.

Bloomberg allegedly pushed Jackson while he was falling to prevent the player from toppling into the waitress, the paper reported.

The moment echoes the early misadventures of another notable New York curmedgeon — Larry David — who tripped and injured star Lakers' center Shaquille O'Neal in an episode of his show Curb Your Enthusiasm (see Youtube clip at right, fair warning: rough language ahead). 

Maybe we should add "help the Knicks win a championship" to the list of Bloomberg's final year priorities.

So do you think Bloomberg was trying to help the Knicks? Or was this one just an accident? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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