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Best Places to Watch the MLB Playoffs

Gird yourself for some playoff action.

Baseball's regular season — the long, winding, Yellow Brick Road marathon of the high-minded nerd sports — is over.

The Mets? Forget about 'em. The Yankees still have a shot at a title, but that's not really news, is it? You can set your sundial by that team's playoff appearances.

Personally, I've been a Reds fan since birth, so I'll be particularly interested to see what happens in this year's postseason dance (Please, baseball Gods, let us win a game this time).

Forest Hills has plenty of local watering holes that will be showing all of the roughly eight billion playoff games. Here, in no particular order, are some of my favorites:

The Tap House - I have no idea how, but this place is busy literally all the time. I went in on a rainy Tuesday afternoon before work was out and there were like 15 people in here. 

Manor Oktoberfest - Just feels super classy. Lot of TV's, beers on tap. It's great. Try some schnitzel.

Cobblestone's Pub - I went in here after a meeting once and ended up in a deep philosophical discussion with a guy drinking a 7 and 7. Old soul, that dude. They also have a basketball court out in the parking lot. 

Blackwater Tavern - Good spot on Metropolitan Avenue. No fuss, no muss. Drink your beer.

Dirty Pierre's - It's in Station Square, the food's good. Don't overthink it. 

Play ball!


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