NYC Schools Start Thursday

It's the last day of summer vacation for students.

Tell the kids it's time to try and cram as much of their summer reading list as they can!

New York City public schools will be back in session Thursday, Sept. 6. Teachers and staff reported back on Tuesday.

Wednesday is Chancellor's Conference Day for staff development throughout all city public schools.

The kids won't be totally despondent, however, as Thursday will be an early dismissal day. The first full day of school will be Friday, Sept. 7.

For more information, check out the Department of Education's citywide calendar right here.

And to the kids: it's not so bad, really. Schools will be closed Sept. 17 and Sept. 18 for Rosh Hashanah!

And if you're really excited to get the kids back behind their desks, tell us why it's your favorite thing about


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