USPS To Cut Saturday Mail Delivery: Report

AP reports that the postal service will no longer deliver mail on Saturday as cost-cutting measure.

They may fear neither rain, nor sleet, nor hail, but man those budget cutbacks are a killer.

The U.S. Postal Service is set to announce the upcoming end of Saturday letter delivery, according to the Associated Press.

Beginning in August, the USPS will stop delivering letters — but continue with package delivery — as part of a plan to save $2 billion annually, AP reported. 

The agency has tried several cost-saving measures over the last few years, including proposals to shut down mail distribution centers and ending overnight delivery.

With the continued popularity of independently-owned parcel delivery services like FedEx and UPS, the USPS has had to constantly find ways to do more with less. 

Five-day delivery has been suggested in the past, but blocked by Congress, the AP reported. 

For more information, check out the AP report here.


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