Ulrich Gets Fire Officers Nod in Senate Race

City Councilman promises to be strong on fire safety in Albany.

City Councilman Eric Ulrich, R-Ozone Park, got a big early nod in his: an endorsement from the Uniformed Fire Officers Association.

Standing in front of Engine 319 in Middle Village, Ulrich shook hands with UFOA President Al Hagan, 

"As a City Councilman, Eric Ulrich has alwas shown a deep understanding of the need for public safety," Hagan said. "He appreciates the fact that our members risk their lives and their health each and every day."

Ulrich, who first has to muscle his way past a primary challenge from, said he was pleased to have the endorsement, calling it "critical to victory."

"I promise that when I get to Albany, I'm going to stand with you," Ulrich said. "We're going to protect job security, we're going to protect firehouses from closing, we're going to rally when that's needed."

Listing the neighborhoods of the 15th Senate District, including Forest Hills and Middle Village, Ulrich called the area a "super firefighter district." 

JIM TURANO October 11, 2012 at 12:40 PM
Between the phone calls about the Elections at home, and all the nonsense on television knocking each other, and now receiving mail knocking the other candidate, it is clear to me and should be to others, who to vote for. One claims on Mailings the other Candidate doesn't help people get jobs. A Lie! On October 19th one of the Candidates has a and participates in a Job Fair like he does every year. It is like Gov. Ventura said, if you do not accept the system, the Bribes, and go with the' Flow', you won't make it in Politics. You do me a favor I owe you. So the Firefighters support Ulrich, big deal. Some past elected politicians were backed by Unions and were caught in scams, stepped down because of illegal doings, indictments, etc.. You never hear before pertinent news, accomplishments, about someone running for Senator and now he is big as life. Like an Obama who came out of the Clouds, and soon to go back into the Clouds where he belongs. If I ever ran for office I would not lower myself to ridiculous slandering comments about my opponent. Instead I would run on my merit, and reputation. Not looking for funds to run by secret meetings with Union Leaders either. part 1
JIM TURANO October 11, 2012 at 12:40 PM
part 2 So much illegal behind the door goings on, that 40%-50% of residents are not aware of. Do you think someone so inexperienced, so young can be on Billboards, have a large war chest to run, without kissing ass and being bought to attain the current position they are in. This is my opinion, my right under the Constitution, as a Veteran, and as an American citizen to speak freely, and have the right to exercise my free speech!


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