UPDATE: Turner Releases Campaign Ad on Ground Zero Mosque

Ties Obama, Weprin together on controversial Islamic center as 9/11 anniversary approaches.

UPDATE 6:56 p.m.: David Weprin's campaign sent the following response to Turner's new ad.

"As we approach the tenth anniversary of 9/11, it's shameful that Bob Turner is trying to use the tragedy for his own political gain," Weprin said. "I knew people who lost their lives that day and Bob Turner dishonors their memory by politicizing the attacks on New York."

Republican Bob Turner’s campaign for Congress released its first ad on Thursday, sending it out in an e-mail blast.

The ad, titled “Send a Message,” knocks Democratic candidate David Weprin and President Barack Obama for their positions on the Islamic community center and mosque near the Ground Zero site.

Weprin is shown on video in the add, expressing his support of the right of the mosque to build.

The Islamic center was a campaign issue in 2010, when former Congressman Anthony Weiner maintained that it was not the government’s right to tell religious institutions where they could and could not build.

Turner disagreed last year, and it is clear that he still does.

In the ad, a narrator talks over images of the Twin Towers in flames on Sept. 11, 2001.

“It’s been ten short years. Everyone remembers,” the narrator says. “Some, though, want to commemorate the tragedy by building a mosque on Ground  Zero. President Obama thinks that's a good idea. And so does Congressional candidate David Weprin.”

According to the Turner campaign, the ad is scheduled to run on cable news stations in Brooklyn and Queens in the lead up to the Sept. 13 election.

Turner's campaign is likely to keep turning up the heat as the campaign progresses.

gary mcgillicuddy August 11, 2011 at 09:32 PM
This is the worst type of hate-bating trash. I guess the local republican party has run out of copies fo the Constitution to share with Mr. Turner
Rita August 11, 2011 at 09:46 PM
I agree with Mr. McGillicuddy! Promoting hatred in this manner is repulsive to say the least. Muslim Americans contribute on so many ways to our country and to attempt to brand everyone negatively because of the actions a small proportion of the Muslim population is simplistic. Yes, our national security is important. However, so are jobs. Where do these candidates stand on how to reduce the budge? How would they approach increasing revenue so that everyone shares in the burden of the financial quagmire we find ourselves in. Anthony Weiner's positions on these and other matters were clear - he was a fighter for this district, a healthy middle class and what is fair and just for everyone.
Louise Derzansky August 12, 2011 at 02:58 PM
That's just it, Rita. They have no sensible and effective plans to fix our economy and create jobs. So they resort to demagoguery. I think that Turner's ugly ploy will backfire.
charles wenzel August 13, 2011 at 08:38 PM
One thing everybody should know is that David Werprin DOES NOT LIVE in the 9th CD and Bob Turner does. I guess the Democratic Party in Queens could not find a Democrat in the 9th CD to represent us in the 9th CD or they think so little of us in the 9th CD that they think they can just shove anybody down our throats.
charles wenzel August 13, 2011 at 09:02 PM
I just did some further checking and I found out that David Werprin's campaign headquarters is at 205-07 Hillside Ave. in Hollis, Queens which is in Gary Ackerman's 5th CD. I thought David Werprin was running for the 9th CD seat. Not only does not David Werprin live in the 9th CD he has his campaign headquarters in the 5th CD. What an insult to the people that live in the 9th CD.


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