Turner Making Anti-Washington Sentiment A Campaign Cornerstone

With Democratic and Republican disapproval at all-time highs, Turner makes his bid as an outsider and businessman.

is full steam ahead for the moment, and the strategy that the Republican is employing is starting to crystallize. The campaign has sent out numerous releases over the last several days, all of them trying to focus on Democrat David Weprin’s “career politician” status, and attacking President Barack Obama from every possible angle.

The idea seems simple, and could be very effective, in a district where Republicans are outnumbered but satisfaction with Congress is at an all-time low: make Turner the candidate who is anti-Washington establishment.

Earlier this week, Turner’s campaign dinged Weprin for the number of  campaigns he’s run in the last two years, including his efforts to take the City Comptroller’s office and his Assembly seat.

"David Weprin is the living, breathing, walking, and talking definition of a career politician," said Bill O'Reilly, spokesman for the Turner campaign. "One look at Washington today will tell you what career politicians have accomplished in this country. They have totally forgotten what it is like to balance a household or small business budget and the crisis our nation is facing reflects it.”

On Wednesday, Turner’s campaign released another arrow, this one aimed squarely at the Obama Administration.

Quoting a report in the Jerusalem Post, Turner’s campaign attacked the president for allegedly “paying the salaries” of jailed Palestinians in Israeli prisons.

The allegation comes from a report that says the Palestinian Authority — which draws much of its funding from foreign aid originating from the United States and the European Union — is paying families of men jailed on terrorism convictions and charges in Israel.

"If this report is true, The United States government is paying the salaries of people whose sworn duty is to kill Israeli civilians, while U.S. citizens struggle to get by," Turner said. "This is an outrageous situation and the Obama Administration needs to answer for it. It is beyond the scope of comprehension that the Obama Administration has allowed this to occur. It must stop immediately."

bradley weiss July 28, 2011 at 07:09 PM
Turner is 100% correct in his characterization of Weprin as a "career politician." What Washington needs now are indepenent businessmen like Turner, who know how to create jobs and stimulate our economy.
Jason Abalos July 28, 2011 at 07:20 PM
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luigi July 28, 2011 at 09:31 PM
How true. Weprin is simply an opportunistic Democrat who is even willing to attend a $ 70,000.00 picnic sponsored by Vito Lopez and paid for by our tax dollars.


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