Still Some Snow Trouble Spots In Forest Hills

With a week gone since the snowfall started, some areas are still ugly.

It's been nearly a week since the snow started falling in Forest Hills and across the city, and while the majority of first-time plowing has been finished, Forest Hills still has some serious problem areas.

Large snow drifts, double parked cars and other obstacles are still blocking the roadways, and in some parts of the neighborhood streets have been ignored with the exception of a salt truck and a quick pass by city sanitation plows.

Many of the roads in Forest Hills Gardens, for instance, have been reduced to snowy alleyways, with craggy ice and snow drifts preventing easy access.

The Forest Hills Gardens Corp., which takes the lead plowing the neighborhood, uses smaller, lighter vehicles to clear parking spaces and roadways but takes a long time to cover the area as a result.

Shopping districts have lost parking spaces, and residents who don't have garage access have resorted to public transportation rather than work to dig out their cars only to be stuck without a parking space when they return.

All in all, the city's snow response has been

Earlier this week, D-Forest Hills, said he was shocked by the city's poor handling of the blizzard.

"Several phrases have been repeated over and over as it relates to the City's response and cleanup of the blizzard. They include: disgrace, disaster of a response and our areas have been forgotten. This situation is unacceptable and the city needs to answer for this failure," Hevesi said.

At right, check out some of the photos of trouble spots that still remain in Forest Hills after the storm has come and gone.


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