Quinn Says Elite Schools Exam Should Be Reviewed: Report

City Council Speaker breaks from Mayor, backs NAACP's claim of discrimination at elite schools.

City Council Speaker and mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn defended the NAACP’s claim that the entrance exam to the city’s best high schools is keeping black and Latino students out, says the New York Post.

The NAACP's leadership has charged that nearly 31 percent of white students and 35 percent of Asian students who take the entrance exams are welcomed to the best schools, compared with only 5 percent of black students and 6.7 percent of Latinos.

According to the Post, Quinn wouldn't address the legal options, but said NAACP leaders had a point worth investigating in an interview on John Gambling's radio show.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg previously scoffed at the NAACP’s claim, calling the admissions process “as fair as can be.”

Do you think the city needs a standardized admissions test? Or should other factors determine who gets into the city's top schools? Let us know in the comments.


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