MTA Proposes Four Fare-Hike Options

From raising the base fare to $2.50, to hiking monthly unlimited cards to as much as $125, each plan will hit riders in the wallet.

A monthly MetroCard could soon cost as much as $125, under one of four fare-hike plans the MTA is proposing, according to the New York Daily News.

The proposal would also up the price of unlimited-ride weekly cards to $34, and reduce the pay-per-ride bonus on MetroCards as well – but it would still leave the base subway and bus fare unchanged at $2.25.

Transit advocates are now calling for the Gov. Andrew Cuomo to step in with a proposal to help raise revenue without fare hikes.

The MTA has prepared four fare-hike proposals for a series of public hearings set for next month, with the goal of generating $232 million in additional revenue for the agency.

Two proposals would keep the base fare at $2.25, while one would reduce the pay-per-ride MetroCard bonus from 7 percent to 5 percent, charge $34 for the weekly unlimited card and $125 for the monthly card. The second proposal would cut the 7 percent MetroCard bonus altogether, increase the weekly MetroCard to $32 and the monthly card to $119.

Two other proposals would raise the base fare to $2.50, along with hikes for unlimited cards, according to the paper.

MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota and transit officials maintain that the MTA needs more money because of so-called “uncontrollable costs” like pensions, which are set by the state Legislature.

Alright, Forest Hills, which of these options is your least favorite? 


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