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Meng Claims Victory in NY-6

Bob Turner suffers at hands of conservative lawyer Wendy Long.

Assemblywoman Grace Meng claimed victory in the Democratic primary for New York's newest congressional district Tuesday night, besting three fellow Democrats.

"Thank you for being here tonight for this tremendous victory," Meng said to a throng of followers on Bell Boulevard in Bayside. "This is an important win for our shared priorities. We have a commitment to protect our middle class values. Our government can and should do more to protect these values. This campaign has been about 'we', not 'me.' We made this victory together."

She also spoke directly to her Republican opponent, City Councilman Dan Halloran.

"Let's run a campaign on the issues," she urged. "Let's not engage on race or religion or use fear tactics or intimidation."

U.S. Rep. Gary Ackerman, who Meng is hoping to replace, said he was very proud of the campaign she ran. 

"Grace, you have made us proud," Ackerman said. "I will sleep well tonight."

In Forest Hills, Assemblyman Rory Lancman conceded shortly before 11 p.m. when it became clear the results would not swing in his favor.

"Obviously we came up short, and I wish I was giving a victory speech instead of a concession speech," Lancman said. "But if I have to give a concession speech, I'm very proud that I'm giving one in a race like this one. This was a very, very positive race, on all sides."

Lancman congratulated Meng on her win and City Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley on a well-run campaign. He did not mention late entrant into the campaign Robert Mittman.  

"We discussed very very important issues to people in Queens and in the country, and what we built here as a campaign, starting from scratch, without the infrastructure of the county organization, is something that we can be extraordinarily proud of," Lancman added. 

In the statewide Republican Senatorial primary, Forest Hills current congress member, Bob Turner, was bested by conservative lawyer Wendy Long. 

"I congratulate Ms. Long on her impressive victory tonight," Turner said in a statement. "I went to Congress last year as a citizen legislator on a clear mission to help save our nation from the harmful big-government policies that are keeping New Yorkers out of work, small businesses shuttered and record levels of debt on the backs of our children.

"Senator Gillibrand has made a dramatic transformation from her days as a conservative Democrat to now being named the nation's most liberal senator as a loyal supporter of the Obama-Reid agenda," Turner added. "I remain steadfastly committed to these goals and I pledge to work with Ms. Long to unite all Republicans and Conservatives in the effort to defeat Kirsten Gillibrand in November."

Additional reporting by Nathan Duke and Lori Gross.


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