Koslowitz Slams DEP for Flood Response

Calls last week's meeting 'inadequate,' pledges meeting with Mayor.

If one councilwoman has her way, a hard rain's gonna fall on the Department of Environmental Protection.

City Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz was none too pleased with the response from the DEP at last week' flood meeting. Thursday night, two representatives from the city told a packed assembly of residents that there were no capital projects or cleaning plans they could promise to alleviate the flooding that has become the scourge of Forest Hills.

Koslowitz said in a statement that while she was pleased residents got a chance to voice their displeasure, the official response was pathetic.

"I was encouraged by the large participation of the community coming out to strongly demand that the city alleviate long time flooding problems," Koslowitz said. "Unfortunately, the response from the DEP was completely inadequate and I will be addressing the matter directly with the Mayor and DEP Commissioner."

Residents asked multiple times what they could do to prevent catch basins from overflowing and filling their basements and apartments with water. They made suggestions themselves and told stories about hiring outside contractors to correct the problem.

Again and again, they were told that the city's current sewer system had no upgrades in the near future, and that even if a project were started soon, it would take decades to complete. 

After being frustrated by the meeting, Koslowitz pledged to take action.

"Although there is no quick method of fixing the city’s antiquated sewer system, I am working with my colleagues in government and the residents of this district to fight to improve this very serious situation," she said. 

BILL October 01, 2012 at 11:39 PM
every year the dep raises the rates higher and higher. it has become a cash cow for bloomberg. I have lived in Hillcrest queens for 20 years, and never seen any type of project done by the DEP.


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