Is Weiner's District Turning On Him?

Constituents in Forest Hills no longer feel so forgiving.

the tide of public opinion seems to have turned against the Congressman.

Now, however, Weiner’s constituents are feeling less forgiving.

Local resident Grace Lin said that initially the scandal didn’t bother her, because it was entirely contained within Weiner’s personal life. Now, however, she said she thinks it’s gone too far.

“He’s not really doing his job now, if he’s taking a two-week leave of absence,” Lin said. “For me, now that his private life is affecting his job, it’s not OK.”

Lin wasn’t the only one who thought Weiner had finally crossed the line. Numerous constituents walking Austin Street in Forest Hills Tuesday morning said that it was time for Weiner’s tenure in office to end, and make that two-week leave of absence permanent.

“It bother’s me, it was a creepy thing to do,” said Muhammad Iftikhar. “Now he’s taken a leave, he’s not working. He’s supposed to be in office.”

Iftikhar said he feels it’s time for Weiner to resign.

Not everyone was so quick to demand Weiner leave office. Some constituents expressed sympathy for a man whose life has turned upside down incredibly quickly.

“If you’re under stress, I don’t see the problem with taking some time, two weeks, to make sure you’re more effective at your job,” said Maureen Butts. “I believe in forgiveness, we all deserve a second chance.”

In the end, however, the majority of voters on the streets were ready to see the end of the scandal, and of Weiner’s political career.

Susan Weiss had perhaps the most concise criticism of all.

“His behavior bothers me,” Weiss said. “I’m not a pundit, but I can’t say with certitude [that he should be in office].”

A. Lloyd June 15, 2011 at 08:19 PM
His leave of absence only bothers me if he comes back!
Betty O'Keefe June 20, 2011 at 11:03 AM
No. He has given a lot to Glendale and Forest Hill.


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