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Huntley Arrested in Corruption Probe

State Sen. covers portion of Forest Hills.

State Sen. Shirley Huntley turned herself in to state authorities on Monday, in connection with a corruption investigation through the state Attorney General’s Office.

The state Senator stands accused of covering up the misdirection of state funds meant for a parenting workshop in her district. The money, nearly $30,000, was allegedly pocketed by the senator’s personal aide and niece, with Huntley writing a backdated letter designed to fool investigators tracking whether or not the workshops were held.

Huntley, whose district represents a small corner of Forest Hills, called a press conference on Saturday to announce

The state Senator is officially charged with tampering with physical evidence, falsifying business records and conspiracy. If convicted, she could serve up to four years on each count and would automatically be removed from office.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, in conjunction with state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, announced the arrest Monday.

“Falsifying documents, conspiracy and deliberately tampering with an open investigation are serious crimes,” Schneiderman said. “The individuals who schemed to profit at the taxpayers’ expense and cover it up will be held accountable.”

Huntley’s lawyer, Bayside-based Sally Butler, was unavailable to comment, though a representative at her office said she would not make a statement on the case.

Huntley’s aide, Patricia Savage and her niece Lynn Smith are also charged in the investigation.

In addition to covering a portion of Forest Hills from her Senate district, Huntley is also a former school board president in district 28, which covers Forest Hills and Jamaica.

john jones August 27, 2012 at 10:28 PM
serves her right! as a person who has known her since i was 8 years old, she ALWAYS thought she was above all things including the law. as the deciding vote for legalizing same sex marriage (yeah, shes bi, but will deny it) she was the begining of being a pariah in south jamaica. true manipulation and sleazy politics to stay elected to the state senate seat, there were alternative motives towards "serving" the public. theres more fleas in south jamaica, ruben willis, william scarborough, malcolm a. smith, and that butterball jackass, leroy commrie (the fool named a ballpark afte rhimself inspite of it already being named for someone else.


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