Hevesi Energy-Tracking Bill Signed Into Law

Environmentally-aimed statute designed catapult state into the future.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill this week designed to bring the state's energy-tracking into the future with 

The law requires that New York State create a tracking system to monitor the state's various energy creation and consumption habits, with the aim of making the state more efficient and environmentally-friendly.

"This bill provides the infrastructure necessary to bring New York State’s energy industry into the 21st century,” Assemblyman Hevesi said. “The significance of the creation of a certificate energy tracking system in New York cannot be understated in terms of the future of our energy security."

To track energy creation and usage, the state will monitor every megawatt hour of energy consumed, and assign it a number based on how it was created — be it from wind or solar power, coal or nuclear energy.

That energy will then be monitored through its assigned number to ensure that the state meets its renewable energy standards.

"As we transition into relying on new technology that generates sustainable energy within the state, this system will provide accountability for the composition of energy we use and rely on," Hevesi said. 


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