Early Voters Cite Spending, Social Security As Big Issues In NY-9

Residents also complain about being inundated with mail, phone calls.

Polls have been open in the Ninth District and across Forest Hills since 6 a.m., and already, thousands of people have visited their local polling places.

For many voters in the area, the race comes down to one of two things: the state of the economy, and the importance of social safety net programs like Medicare and Social Security.

However, more than the national issues, local voters said that the way the Ninth District campaign has been run by both sides was concerning.

The most common complaint from local voters centered around the huge numbers of robo-calls they got from both the Republican and the Democrat, and the dozens of mailers that Democrat David Weprin blanketed the district with.

“Somebody should tell the politicians to stop overwhelming us with calls,” said Stanley Swiatocha, 62. “It’s out of control.”

Nino Farducchi, a retired carpenter, agreed.

“These politicians, they’ve got to put party aside and work together,” Farducchi said. “I’m very disappointed.”

“I voted today, basically to send a message to Obama,” said Jose Almeida, 53, of Forest Hills. The economic plan that he’s tried is not working, he’s not done anything on immigration. We have to deal with unemployment that’s now at 9.1 percent—and for Hispanics it’s 11 percent.”

Almeida said he felt Turner was more likely to bring about the change he’s looking for.

Other conservative voters leaving the poll said that federal spending levels had grown far beyond what they were comfortable with.

Voters who broke for Turner tended to cite to issues: the Tea Party, and protecting social programs.

“I voted today not to put another Tea Party person in office,” said Marlyne Adman. “They don’t know how to cooperate. They just want to stamp their feet like little kids, and that’s not how you solve problems…These people do not represent this area in the slightest.”

William and Dorothy Kirchstetter, of Forest Hills, said their votes were for the Democrat to protect Social Security.

“We can’t have cuts to those very important services,” Dorothy said. “Social Security is just too important to us.”

sarajames2 September 13, 2011 at 09:41 PM
To the person interviewed that says he wants the two parties to work together, I would like to ask how much more can President Obama do to attempt to work with the republicans? Where has this man been? Has he been following what following just what the republicans have been up to? His statement drives me crazy!!! Vote or the party of your choice but please stop accusing the president or the democrats of not trying to work with the republicans because it is absolutely not true?
Gordon Monsen September 14, 2011 at 12:14 AM
Sara... We do not see the arrogant partisan Obama the way you do. What you think of as bipartisanship has been all talk. His actions have been solely partisan, as his comment to McCain in 2010 revealed: "elections have consequences. we won." And the Democrats in the Senate have been equally partisan by sitting on 10 GOP jobs bills for months without any review or discussion.
el jefe September 14, 2011 at 12:41 AM
sara, where did you get the idea that anyone in that article is "accusing the president or the democrats of not trying to work with the republicans"? You're reading too much into it. The article says “These politicians, they’ve got to put party aside and work together,” Farducchi said. “I’m very disappointed.” Maybe he's disappointed in the republicans too? I'm disappointed in both, but especially Obama. he promised new jobs and a lower unemployment rate, immigration reform, the closure of the Guantanamo prison, bringing troops home, and more. So far we've seen none of that. But he has a year left.
Charles September 14, 2011 at 03:49 AM
Please be aware that Obama is not a Dictator. If Congress is not along with The President, nothing will pass. Stop behaing as if President Obama has achieved nothing.


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