Cuomo Wants Generators in Gas Stations: Report

Gov. proposes new requirement after Superstorm Sandy left gas stations in flux due to a lack of power.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has proposed a requirement for gas stations within a half-mile of a highway exit or a hurricane evacuation route to have a backup generator available within 24 hours of a major outage.

The move comes in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which left gas stations in flux due to a lack of power, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported.

The initiative would be part of the 30-day amendments to his 2013-14 budget proposal due today, requiring about 2,800 of the state’s 6,000 gas stations to wire their businesses with a generator that would be available within 24 hours of a major outage.

However, some legislators expressed concerned about the ability for gas stations to access generators during traffic jams during weather emergencies and also the added cost for local small businesses.

Cuomo admits the law would be the most robust in the nation, but added that small gas stations – those that pump less than 75,000 gallons a month – would be exempt.

Additionally, the state would reimburse up to $10,000 for the wiring cost through federal aid.


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