UPDATE: Bloomberg Endorses Meng in NY-6

NYC Mayor backs Democrat for Congress in Forest Hills.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has endorsed Assemblywoman Grace Meng for Congress, her campaign announced Monday afternoon.

Meng, a Democrat, is running in Queens' new Sixth Congressional District against City Councilman Dan Halloran, R-Bayside.

"New Yorkers demand representation in Washington that puts the needs of the taxpayers ahead of partisan politics," Bloomberg said in a statement from the Meng campaign. "Grace Meng will be the independent voice in Congress that middle-class families in Queens deserve. Whether it’s her outspoken support for sensible gun legislation to help make our streets safer or her advocacy for common sense immigration reform, Grace embodies the values that Queens’ residents care about most."

Meng said she was proud and pleased to have Bloomberg's support in her campaign.

"Like the mayor, I have made the tough, but necessary choices to deliver for my constituents as an Assembly Member — a habit I plan to continue as a member of Congress," she said.

While Halloran and Bloomberg were more recently members of the same party, the City Councilman has split with the mayor on issues like gun control and the large soda ban.

Update, 6:30 p.m.: City Councilman Dan Halloran responded by spitting some fire Monday evening. Invoking the City Time scandal and citing his opposition to congestion pricing, Halloran let Bloomberg and Meng really have it. 

“[D]espite the Mayor’s billions, I will continue to speak truth to power," Halloran said. "Meng, a go-along Democrat, won’t stand up for New Yorkers’ right to think for themselves, has voted 99.7 percent with Shelly Silver in Albany. She certainly isn’t rocking the boat here in New York, and we can’t expect her to in Congress.”

Halloran spokesman Kevin Ryan piled on, as well.

"Our voters need Meng in Congress like they needed the soda ban,” said Ryan.


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