Bloomberg Blasts NYPD Inspector General Proposal: Report

The mayor is not crazy about the idea, tells New York Post it would "bring crime back."

Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned against the appointment of an inspector general, saying the city would be less safe than it is now, according to the New York Post.

“I think if you want to bring crime back, let’s go politicize control of the Police Department,” Bloomberg told the paper.

“The last thing we need is some politician or judge getting involved with setting policy, because you won’t be safe anymore,” the mayor added. “But today, you are.”

In June, about two dozen City Council members proposed a bill that would institute an NYPD inspector general who would independently oversee the police force. The inspector general would be a non-police officer appointed by the mayor and would have subpoena power.

On Tuesday, City Council planned to hold a hearing over the bill.

Councilman Brad Lander, D-Brooklyn, one of the lead sponsors of the bill, explained to the paper that the new position would not be setting policy within the department.

The mayor claims that the position is unnecessary, with the city at a record-low murder rate and a decline in shootings – though new data shows that the city’s crime rate is at its highest in two decades.

ANewYorkMan October 10, 2012 at 01:39 AM
The truth is the NYPD IS politicized right now. It's under the control of politician (the mayor thru his police commissioner). An IG would bring much needed balance an even more integrity to the NYPD. The CIA has an Inspector General. The FBI has an Inspector General. Every branch of the armed forces has an Inspector General. Why not the NYPD?


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