After Guilty Plea, Huntley Faces Jail Time

Former Forest Hills state Senator admitted to tampering with physical evidence.

Former state Sen. Shirley Huntley pleaded guilty to tampering with physical evidence this week, for falsifying records to mislead an investigation by the Attorney General's office.

Huntley, whose district at one time covered a portion of Forest Hills, was under an investigation for using state funds to pay personal bills instead of hosting educational programs.

During the investigation, Huntley admitted Wednesday, she wrote a letter to the Attorney General's office to cover up the theft of nearly $30,000.

Huntley pleaded guilty to the fraud itself late last month.

“It is unconscionable that an elected official would deliberately tamper with a law enforcement investigation into the theft of taxpayer dollars," Schneiderman said. “Former Senator Huntley’s felony plea sends a strong message that those who abuse their positions to rip off taxpayers and tamper with investigations will be held accountable."

In her allocution, Huntley admitted to forging the letter for services her office had not provided.

“In or around March 2011, I assisted Roger Scotland and Patricia Savage by drafting a letter to be used to create a false record indicating that events on behalf of the Parent Workshop had taken place at the Beacon Center," Huntley said. "I understood that the false record would be submitted by Patricia Savage in response to a subpoena issued as part of the Attorney General's investigation of Parent Workshop."

Huntley will face sentencing on March 29, according to a spokesperson from the state attorney general's office. She faces up to two years in prison for fraud, and prosecutors recommended five years probation for the tampering with physical evidence charge.


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