New CO Introduced at Precinct Council Meeting

Captain Thomas Conforti gets a hearty 'welcome back' from residents.

Wednesday night's Precinct meeting was the first of the fall and the first for the new top dog in the neighborhood — Captain Thomas Conforti.

Conforti is the new commanding officer of the 112 Precinct, a job formerly held by Deputy Inspector Christopher Tamola.

Conforti gave the precinct council and local residents a rundown of his 20-year career, including his start in Brooklyn and a decade spent in the Bronx.  

This isn't Conforti's first rodeo in the 112 Precinct. The current captain cut his teeth as a Lieutentant in 2003 in Forest Hills and Rego Park, leaving for a detective squad assignment in 2005. 

After spending some time in the 110 Precinct in Corona and Jackson Heights, Conforti took the reins of NYPD security for Citi Field. 

"I'm thrilled to be here, and I thank the chief for her confidence in me, and I look forward to your support," Conforti told residents. "There is a family feeling here."

In discussing recent crime stats and his thoughts about working the 112, Conforti said Forest Hills and Rego Park presented different challenges than other areas of Queens.

"The good thing is, it's all property crime going on here, the bad thing is it's still crime, and we want to come to the day when there's no crime," he said. "

Borough Chief Diana Pizzuti had high praise for Conforti, saying that he was one among a very small number of officers she had hand-picked for assignments during her time in Queens.

"He's had a lot of experience within the borough, that I think is going to be very helpful for you here in the precinct," Pizzuti said. "I think you're getting a very good — an excellent captain — an excellent CO, and you're going to see the results." 

Margaret A. Dunphy November 02, 2012 at 02:43 AM
How is it the community did not know about this meeting at the precinct?


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