Crime at a Glance: Winter Rolls In

What's happened in local crime recently?

It's been a good year for law enforcement in the 112 Precinct, with crime on a downward slide in the area.

But not every week can be a good one, and the middle of November proved to be a challenge to police in Forest Hills.

Let's dig into the local crime numbers in Forest Hills and Rego Park:

  • The biggest numerical increase in crime during the most recent week came in the grand larceny category. There were 13 reported incidents between Nov. 12 and Nov. 18, a jump of 44 percent over last year.
  • Despite the increase, larcenies for the month are still down by around six percent, and down for the year by just under five percent.
  • The biggest percentage increase was in robberies reported. There were three incidents reported, compared to one during the same period last year.
  • There were also two more incidents of burglary reported in the area compared to last year.
  • Grand larceny autos reported were way down from last year, with just one reported between Forest Hills and Rego Park.
  • Heading into the last month of the year, the 112 Precinct still has not had a reported homicide.
  • All told, the increase in crime over the same period last year was around 22 percent. 

For more information, check out the COMPSTAT PDF file at right. 


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