Crime at a Glance: Not-So-Cruel Summer

Things aren't looking so bad in local crime.

Worried about crime and policing in Forest Hills? Let's see what's changed in the most recent data.

 Despite summer's reputation as the time of year when criminals come out in force, things in the local precinct have maintained a pretty even keel this year.

Here's what's happening in Forest Hills and Rego Park, the towns that make up the in Queens:

  • Overall major crime went down by just over 10 percent compared to the same week last year, according to the most recent COMPSTAT report.
  • For the previous 28 days, major crime is down a whopping 33 percent, with most of that correction coming in the form of a big decrease in grand larcenies. 
  • The precinct averaged just one grand larceny incident per day over the previous 28 days, a precipitous drop from the 53 committed during the same 28 day period in 2011.
  • Despite the improvements in that area, not every category saw a decrease this year, there was one more burglary in the most recent recorded week, and one more in the most recent month. 
  • Auto thefts also saw an increase, with four occurring in the last week, compared to just two during the same period last year. 

For a closer look at what's happening in the 112 Precinct, check out the COMPSTAT report attached as a PDF at right.


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