Crime at a Glance: Incidents Up Slightly for Week, But Down 7 Percent for Year in 112th

Burglary was the only major crime category on the rise in 2013.

Crime was up four percent in the 112th Precinct during the third week in December, but the overall number of incidents for the year was down 7.9 percent, according to police statistics.

There were no murders or rapes in the precinct between Dec. 16 and 22 and two grand larceny auto incidents occurred, which was the same number of stolen cars reported during the same week in December 2012.

Robbery was down from four incidents during this week in December 2012 to two incidents during the same period of time this year. And grand larceny fell from 13 incidents to 11 incidents.

But burglary shot up from one reported incident during this week in December 2012 to five incidents in the same week this year.

And felony assault was up slightly from one incident during this period of time last year to two incidents in the same week in 2013.

Overall crime was down 7.9 percent for the year.

There were no murders in the precinct this year, while five rapes were reported. In 2012, there were seven rapes within the precinct’s confines.

Robbery was down for the year from 99 incidents in 2012 to 75 incidents in 2013.

Felony assault also dropped from 83 incidents last year to 56 incidents during the past 12 months.

Grand larceny was on the decline, from 480 incidents in 2012 to 450 incidents this year. And grand larceny auto dipped from 78 stolen cars last year to 59 in 2013.

Burglary was the only crime category to see an increase in 2013. Last year, the precinct reported 138 incidents, while 170 occurred in 2013.

The precinct covers Forest Hills and Rego Park.


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