'Well, There is No Gas ... '

Discussion of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is lighting up the Patch comments board.

Updated: Where's The Gas In Westchester?

"Well, there is no gas in Eastchester and Tuckahoe. I passed by all of them." -- Monica Fernandez

"Central Ave this morning - Station across from buy buy baby - out; Getty near Scarsdale post office out; BP, Sunoco by Hartsdale Ave. - out; Mobil by Hartsdale Train Station has a couple of grades this mornig at 6:40 a.m. but are probably dry now. Hess on Central had gas yesterday but line was running from Mt. Joy and not from Central - police were controlling traffic. No idea what they have today but was a mob scene yesterday." -- John Smith

"The business of taverns is to push alcohol, with or generally without regard to the consequences that occur off their premises afterwards. The business of the Chief of Police is to provide for the public safety. His decision is prudent and necessary and can always be reviewed as conditions warrant. I have no iron in the fire with your Mayor, but consider this, you could have "16 Oz" Bloomberg." -- Joseph J Gannon

... and ...

"I live on Main St across the street from the Pour House, and I will be forever grateful to the owners and the staff for giving me a place to stay warm, to eat, and to watch the news instead of sitting in my dark, cold apartment as I have been doing since Monday night. The Mayor should concentrate on restoring power to the community instead of trying to put the pillars of our community out of business. The owners of the Pour House have donated thousands to better our town, and I know they have been feeding the homeless during this disaster. They even gave me candles one night and free soup last night. They asked the Mayor if they could stay open 24 hours so that they could accommodate the people like me who are without power, heat, and food. She declined. She won't be getting my vote. Do I intend to give the Pour House and Turiello's my future business? You bet I am. I think it is disgracefull that some of you are trying to make this a money issue. Mike Deluca Main Street Nyack." -- mike deluca

Long Lines for Gas Mark the Landscape

"I wish the town or Con Ed would clarify what exactly they are doing. It does not appear that any work is being done to remove downed trees or fix the power lines. My neighborhood on Sheather Road and Harriman has several dangerous down trees that have not been touched. Everyone that I speak with has the same story. Yesterday there were three trucks form the town and eight orkers on the block not doing anything." -- jon

"Seriously. Brewster Heights got through the storm only to lose power Tuesday evening. There has been someone from NYSEG just sitting on Lincoln Road for the last two days, with no progress being made. What a joke." -- TJD

Port Chester Man Accused in Theft Attempt During Hurricane

"Nothing worse than a COMMON LOOTER during disaster times. Can you imagine what they would have done in his country "if" they caught him pulling this nonsense? I'm happy that the Patch published this picture and the story. Shameful that these "low life's" walk amongst us." -- JJ

Editor's Note: Comments have been edited for spelling and grammar. 

Max November 07, 2012 at 12:57 PM
Any gas station with gas in Rivertowns area?
Max November 07, 2012 at 02:49 PM
Just got a full tank gas in GULF -- 611 Warburtom Ave, Hasting. Waited on line for 10 minutes : )
Dina Sciortino November 07, 2012 at 03:34 PM
Thanks for letting us know Max! Here's the updated list for those who didn't see it. http://rivertowns.patch.com/articles/where-to-fill-up-in-the-rivertowns
Max November 07, 2012 at 07:54 PM
HESS on Central Park Avenu by Men Warehouse has gas, short line!
Max November 07, 2012 at 09:19 PM
Mobil in Dobbs Ferry, Broadway & Ashford Avenue has gas. They just got the delivery at 3:00pm!


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