112 Precinct Auto Safety Tips

Precinct Council President Heidi Chain has a warning for Forest Hills' motorists.

Heidi Chain is the president of the 112 Precinct Community Council.

One of our neighbors in our community relayed to me a story this week that I will share with you—they were driving on Queens Boulevard and someone stopped them to advise that there was smoke coming from the car.

They had him open the hood and then showed water. The “helpful” repairman just happened to have a wrench with him and was able to fix our neighbors car for a fee on Queens Boulevard.

IF someone stops you – drive to an authorized gas station. Do not let a stranger on the street start to repair your car. Do not pay a stranger on the street – and in this case the stranger demanded a lot of money which was paid to help.

As a reminder, in case your car does break down there are things that you should have in the car. You should have booster cables, warning lights or road flares, a shovel, an ice scraper and brush, road maps, and a cell phone with a car charger. Furthermore, you should have some basic tools. There are many kits on the market that have basic emergency supplies for the car.

The AAA website has this list of things to have in the car for emergencies:

Emergency Supplies

Here's a list of essential tools and supplies to keep in your car in case of emergencies:

Many motorists like to carry tools and supplies for roadside emergencies in addition to the spare tire and jack. Here is a basic list:

•  A 1- or 2-foot square piece of 1/2-inch plywood to support the vehicle jack
•  Wheel chocks
•  Flares or reflective triangles
•  Flashlight with extra batteries
•  Gloves and coveralls
•  Ice scraper
•  Jumper cables
•  One quart of motor oil
•  One gallon of fresh water
•  First aid kit
•  Small shovel
•  Tire pressure gauge
•  Duct tape
•  A small tool kit containing:
  - Assorted open-end and box wrenches
  - Adjustable wrenches
  - Screwdrivers
  - Pliers
  - Socket set

To avoid electrical arcing or damage, tools with insulated handles are recommended whenever they are available.

This month's 112 Precinct Community Council meeting will take place on Wednesday, Jan. 18. at the


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