Turn Back The Clock: Lew at Forest Hills Commencement

What did the new White House Chief of Staff have to say to last year's graduating seniors?

Last year, Jack Lew, Forest Hills native and director of the Office of Management and Budget,

Now the incoming White House Chief of Staff, Lew bears a heavy burden on his shoulders. He told students last June, however, that his education in the New York City Public School system had prepared him for anything.

“When I, as a high school student, had a vision of a future in journalism, I never thought that I would end up where I did,” Lew said. “And I urge you all to follow your passions and interests even if it’s not the direction you that you started out with. One thing is for sure: you’ll be prepared.”

Lew also urged the students to look back fondly on the time they spent walking the halls of as he does.

“Never forget the opportunities that this school, its teachers, and staff gave you so that you could begin to unlock the amazing talents and skills that you have,” Lew told the graduating seniors.

“And even if you find yourself thousands of miles from Austin Street and the Queens Center Mall, always remember the friends, the teachers, and the lessons that you learned here at Forest Hills. Because if you do, I know that you will succeed beyond your dreams, and that you will – in whatever way you can – make sure that those who come after you will as well.”


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