Forest Hills GoFundMe Campaign Raises Money for Radiation Therapy

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An online campaign dedicated to raising money to allow a local woman to receive radiation therapy has raised $1,280.

Forest Hills' Robin Weisel created a GoFundMe page titled "Help My Mum Through Radiation." The total fundraising goal for the campaign is $2,000. So far, 37 people have donated to the initiative.

The page reads:

Seven years ago, my mum fought off cancer and appeared to have won. It's come back and it's looking rough. We're exploring a bunch of options, but right now she needs help. 

She had a rare type of cancer in her parotid gland, but now it's on her lungs, liver and stomach. She has a particularly large tumor on her stomach that is preventing her from eating properly. While they're looking at gene treatments and drug trials, she is going to need radiation for the big one on her stomach and it's going to be expensive. 

We're getting knocked off of our present insurance and onto a new one in mid-October. The new one will help cover expenses as well, but there will be six treatments in-between (there is a 10-day switch over) that won't be covered, along with her medications and pain relief. My dad's on disability also, so they're hurting for money. This is going to really hurt them. 

I'm asking for any small donations you can give to help her be able to afford the medicines she needs and the chemotherapy both co-pays and the weeks she is uninsured. 

Thank you guys. I love you all. 

If you can't give any money, please just send some good vibes or a prayer or some such! 


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