GoFundMe Campaign Raises Money for Cats' Move to California

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Photo courtesy of Aly Anne's GoFundMe page.
Photo courtesy of Aly Anne's GoFundMe page.

An online campaign dedicated to raising money for the family of a recently deceased Bayside man has, so far, raised $200.

Fresh Meadows' Aly Anne created a GoFundMe page titled "Help Kitties Get to Their New Home," with the goal of raising a total $1,000. So far, seven people have donated to the fund.

The page reads:

I’m moving from my long time home of New York City to Southern California in the next few months and I’d like to take my kitties, who are my family, with me, but my budget is a little tight when I consider everything. 

The hitch in all of this is that I have three cats: Gizmo, Calvin, and Simba. I've raised these three little buggers since I was a teen, so they are my family.

Sadly, my kitty, Simba is too old at 18 and I'm afraid that the travel will be too stressful for him, so he is staying locally with a friend. But little Calvin and Gizmo will be joining me in my new home with new adventures to come.

About 10 years ago, my mother got Gizmo as a 4-month old kitten as a birthday gift to my little sister (who was 13 at the time). She loved him dearly. Sadly, a month later, my mother died in an accident, my sister was taken into the care of extended family and I was left with the cats - homeless. I was 17.

I fought hard to get a home and when I did, I noticed that these two bonded immediately. Gizmo was terrified of his own shadow, but Calvin was very brotherly and brought Gizmo out of his shell. He is now very social, warm and a lap cat. Gizmo, in turn, helped Calvin with his wild and territorial ways, calming him to becoming a mild mannered house cat.

The two now love each other and are inseparable. They play together, eat together and sleep together. They are brothers and I’d hate to not be able to bring them on new adventures with me in California, where I now have great personal and professional opportunities.

This move has been very sudden for me and I am barely even covering the costs for my own affairs. 

My soft goal is $500-$600 for their costs. If I get more than that, it will go to their new items in my new home (litter box setup, cat tower, etc.).

The money raised will be used solely to help cover the cost of air travel for my two little guys. 

Any donations at all, will be greatly appreciated as well. These guys are brothers and they’re my family. I’d like to afford to take them with me.

I'm usually not the type to ask for any assistance in matters, but right now any help would be greatly appreciated! My move is in April and I really hope that I can bring these guys with me as they are a part of my life.


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