Who's the President of Presidents?

FDR: Presidentin' like a boss.

Newsweek's got a new poll out, revealing the choices of readers and historians both for the best presidents since 1900. 

Historians went with Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his hillbilly cousin Teddy as the top two presidents of the last 112 years. 

Readers went with Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton as their number one and number two. 

Rounding out the top ten for the historians? Sitting President Barack Obama, who got some dap for being the first man to break the color barrier in the Oval Office. 

So who's more in line with your tastes? The readers, who seem to have a penchant for the more recent entries in the presidential pantheon, or historians, who definitely have a big mad-on for New Yorkers.

Let us know what you think of the poll in the comments. Who's your favorite president and why? Try and resist the urge to turn this into a giant flame war about the 2012 election. 


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