State Launches Hotline for Reporting Gas Price-Gouging: Report

As gas prices continue to rise, customers have a new tool to fight unfair price increases.

As gas prices continue to rise at a meteoric rate, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Thursday that the state has set up a toll-free hotline and website for New Yorkers to report suspected price-gouging, reported Gannett.

The national average retail price of gas climbed nearly 13 cents a gallon, -- 3.5 percent – over the last week alone.

In New York, prices have gone up to $4.09 a gallon Thursday, up from $3.80 a month ago, nearly 8 percent, according to AAA.

Cuomo said in a statement the hotline was set up to make sure customers are not taken advantage of at the pumps: “While market forces are usually the cause of these price increases, we are taking action to protect consumers from any unfair and illegal practices during this time.”

New Yorkers can report unusual spikes in gas prices by calling the state’s hotline at 800-214-4372. Also, the state Division of Consumer Protection has created a website with an online consumer complaint form and tips for saving at the pump.

Forest Hills saw some price gouging during the city's recent hurricane, at the end of long gas lines.


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