Pic of the Day: A Little Saccharine

How do you feel about the soda ban?

City Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz, D-Forest Hills, met with Artur Isakov at Larisa's Bagels last week to discuss the impending sugary drinks ban that could pass later this month.

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Koslowitz, who is against the ban, took a walking tour of local businesses last week. For more information,

Elaine Stahlheber September 04, 2012 at 05:39 PM
Sugary drinks are toxic to our society. As a nurse who has had many many New York City obese patients suffering from all of the ills caused by obesity: joint problems, cancer, congestive heart failure and diabetes to name a few... I can safely say banning these drinks is a smart move. People use these drinks like drugs and the sugars contained in them promote obesity faster than almost anything else. Furthermore, being 'against the ban" is counter productive unless she has another quite viable solution to address the problems that the ban is trying to resolve. From the picture it looks like she herself does not pursue health and so does not value health for herself, for society and does not value the savings in human cost and taxes that these health problems cause. Not what I would call a true public servant.


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