Five Apps That Will Save You Time

Who wouldn't like to shave a few wasted minutes from the work day?

Mobile apps that can translate what your boyfriend is thinking, prevent your dog from relieving himself on the carpet or help you find that elusive free parking space are all still beyond reach. In the meantime, however, there are plenty that can save time navigating life's other hassles.

Here is a list of five time-saving apps that have recently made me calmer.


What it Does: This app links and condenses all of your appointments for the day from multiple calendars—even Facebook—into one list. Then, Cue attaches relevant information, including contacts, e-mails and phone numbers from all of your many accounts (personal, work, alias—Cue won't judge). This way, if you're running late, or unsure where the meeting is, you can find everything in the same place. Other perks include the weather forecast, sunrise and sunset times as well as birthday notifications and reminders.

Cost: Free


What it Does: What Cue does for day-to-day appointments, TripIt does for travel plans. By sending flight, hotel and car rental confirmation e-mails to the TripIt app, it condenses all of the information in one spot—and even monitors your plans for updates. Need your confirmation number for the check-in kiosk? Wondering if the flight is on time? Can't remember which credit card you used to reserve your room? It's all there. Neat.

Cost: Free

Exit Strategy

What it Does: Sure, there are plenty of apps that can tell you how to get from point A to point B using the MTA. But this one determines which subway car you should ride in to be closest to the exit that will empty you near your final destination! Hence, less wandering down the long platform or along the wrong sidewalk. Not only great for saving time, it's a huge boon if you're on crutches or helping someone who is.

Cost: $3.99

Fast Customer

What it Does: Who doesn't hate waiting on hold to speak with a customer representative? You feel trapped and you're subjected to terrible music or automated announcements about how "your call is important to us" by a company with which you're likely already frustrated. But the great thing about Fast Customer is that it will do the waiting for you. Just tell the app which number you want to call, it dials and holds your position in line while you attend to other tasks. Then, when the customer representative finally picks up, your phone rings to alert you that it's time to chat. Holy heck, this thing is amazing.

Cost: Free

Free Wi-Fi

What it Does: Whether you're a student or work remotely, this app is useful for anyone who has ever needed wi-fi in a pinch. Using GPS, it will tell you all of the available free wi-fi spots nearby and directions on how to get to them. 

Cost: Free

What apps have made your life easier? Share them below. We're addicted.

Mike Klubok February 05, 2013 at 05:26 PM
Gas Buddy - to find the best gas price where you are. I did an article on this not long ago. http://bayside.patch.com/blog_posts/gas-buddy-your-buddy-for-finding-the-lowest-gas-price RunPee - if you need to know the best time to use the bathroom during a movie. BestParking - to find the best parking rate for your car. Give yourself at least 30 minutes lead time before you will use this.


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