Federal Ruling Means Higher Con-Ed Bill: Report

A new ruling from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission might cost Con Ed customers the New York Post says.

A new ruling from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) might cost Con Edison customers,  according to the New York Post

The New York Power Authority estimates that FERC's ruling will cost power users in New York $400 million to $500 million, leaving Con Ed's customers to foot $300-375 million of that bill, the report said.

Trickling down, that means Con Ed customers throughout the five boroughs can expect to pay an average of $9 more a month in electric bills starting in January. 

A spokesperson for Con Ed told Patch the company has joined others in requesting a rehearing of the FERC order.

"We seek to balance the interests of all stakeholders, including customers and suppliers," a statement from the company said. 

Are you worried about paying more for your electricity? Let us know in the comments.

Debra October 15, 2012 at 07:38 PM
I can barely afford what I am paying in my Con Ed bill now. We have no choice with Con Ed, even those so-called alternate companies are much cheaper - you still need to pay Con Ed something....it's a horrible monopoly. when do we go back to gasoline lamps and candles??? I am on a fixed income and it will be difficult to pay more. Just received info on Medicare increases for 2013 and will be paying more on that too. Doctor's visits for PCP are no cost now, but next year they will be $10. Seeing a specialist now costs $20, next year $30. I see all of them....no wonder seniors die without seeking medical attention!!!! It's a travesty. Some of the tier meds will be going up as well. For those of us on 5 or 6 or more meds, we are doomed and will need to cut our pills in order to make them last longer. I've done that already. What are we coming to in this country....It's not Pres Obama's fault...Romney will want to end Medicare as we know it and replace it...it will be worse, not better. He, Romney doesn't ever have to worry about seeing doctors and paying for visits and getting meds...he is rich beyond rich while we stay poor...how is he going to raise us out of poverty as he says he will?? While he goes out and outsources jobs to China and other foreign companies...


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