Who's Hiring? Forest Hills Job Board: Oct. 6

New jobs are so exciting! There's a bunch in here.

Everybody has to work. Well, not everyone. The idle rich, royalty, people who have jobs that revolve around toys or make their living participating in clinical studies, they don't really have to. 

But you're not among them, are you? No. So you get to hunt up a job like the rest of us.

Here are some options that should be pretty close to home, courtesy of craigslist.org

Supervisor - Bakery-Cafe

La Boulangerie, an awesome place with great breads and coffees, is looking for a supervisor. They've got a laundry list of qualifications, but you seem like kind of a nice person, so maybe go for it? 

They want an honest, hands-on, hardworking person. That rules me out because I'm so lazy and shiftless. But you should totally send in a resume.

Want more info? Click here.

Supermarket Sweep!

A Forest Hills supermarket is looking for some staff in myriad positions. They want deli and meat counter personnel, they need some cashiers, people for the produce department. So food, basically. 

They'd prefer people with some experience in that line of work. Maybe that's you!

Check out their posting online right here. 

Marketing Coordinator

CVISION Technologies, a software company based in the neighborhood, needs an entry-level marketing coordinator. They need someone who can do some SEO, maybe some design work. Gotta surf the net, man.

Want some more information? Click here.


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