Blue Point Blueberry Ale at Manor Oktoberfest

Have some blueberry in your beer.

We were getting and , so we decided to take a walk on the wild side this week. With Blueberry Beer!

A Long Island beer with a fun flavor, Blue Point Blueberry Ale isn’t terribly hard to find — we’ve come across it in bodega fridges before — but it’s not often you see it on the menu in a restaurant. Usually you find your staples and maybe something a little edgy, but the blueberry beer, in our experience, doesn’t tend to pop up on menus.

So we were pleased to have a shot at it in

It should go without saying that the Manor has quite a few beers to choose from, but we found Blue Point Blueberry was just right because of two factors: its departure from the norm and its price point. It’s just five bucks! The only cheaper beer on the menu was a Yuengling, which is a classic, but nothing to write home about. (Full disclosure, we have had relatives that live out of state write to us and insist we bring Yuengling when we come visit.)

But back to the blueberry. It’s your basic ale, 4.6 percent alcohol by volume, with a nice flavor. If you’re really finicky about your ales, maybe make pick that’s going for something less exotic.

What makes the Blue point really special is the aroma. You smell the blueberry much more than you taste it. And honestly, that’s kind of the fun part.

We’ve had blueberry lambic ales and other strange selections in the past that make you feel like you’re drinking a muffin over breakfast. Blue Point Blueberry isn’t that. You’re getting the blueberry in the aroma, and the beer on your tongue. It’s fun! So give it a shot next time you’re looking to spice things up a bit on Yellowstone Boulevard.


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