Beer Hall to Open on Continental Avenue

You want craft beer, gastropub food and whiskey? You're in luck.

Looks like we may have the answer to our "what should replace Marianella's" question from earlier this month.

A QR scanner code appeared on the window in the former restaurant, as well as a pair of Department of Buildings work orders last week.

One quick pass with a QR scanner revealed that the former mexican restaurant will soon be transformed into "Station House," a "gastropub, beer hall and whiskey den."

More than 200 people had already scanned the code, revealing the upcoming restaurant's bare-bones website, which did not have an opening date.

Readers at Forest Hills' "Edge of the City" blog were split on the revelation, with some concerned that the beer hall could encourage overconsumption. Others said that Station House could be a shot in the arm for a flagging social scene in the area.

Station House isn't the only place opening in the area with an eye on giving entertainment-starved residents a place to hang out and drink some good beer.

Jack and Nellie's, which opened earlier this month, is a wine bar that is already turning some heads.

Are you excited for a Forest Hills beer hall? Let us know in the comments.

John October 26, 2012 at 05:31 PM
The neighborhood needs a nice bar. Most of the drinking establishments in the area have dumpy decor and lousy bartenders. If I want to go out for a fun evening in Queens I head out to Sunnyside, Woodside, or Astoria.
Perri Ellington October 29, 2012 at 12:33 AM
Yes I agree with John. The strip clubs in Sunnyside and Astoria have a much higher quality prostitutes than they had in years past. Hopefully a gastropub in forest hills means a topless bar is the next logical step. The space formally "Bartinis" located across from the LIRR would be an ideal setting for this as it already possesses the heavy aroma of sweat, cheap perfume and champagne flavored vomit so all they'll need to do is install some mirrors and poles. I'll take johns comments one step further and say that Forest Hills is becoming a little bit too "family friendly". Those of us who are single and enjoy dabbling in affairs of he are being forgotten about and that's a real shame.
LittleLush November 04, 2012 at 10:11 PM
There are only 2 good bars in Forest Hills right now - Tap House and Blackwater Inn. New additions are always welcome but I like my usual hang out. Great food and nice bartenders.


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