Weekend Weather: The Coming Ice Age

It is ridiculous outside. Don't go out there.

It is just abysmally cold outside. If you can avoid it, don't walk around outside, don't stand near a window, don't look at anything that's recently been outside. It's crazy. 

Sadly, things aren't really going to warm up until next week, when the mid-30's will seem positively balmy. 

Here is the forecast from the National Weather Service:

Friday: It will be freezing, obviously, with a high around 24 during the day and an overnight low of about 18 degrees. It will feel colder with the wind chill. There is also a good chance we're going to get some snow once the sun goes down.

Saturday: It will be slightly warmer on Saturday, with a high approaching 30 degrees, but because of the wind you probably won't notice.

Sunday: Clear skies but still really cold. The wind is forecast to be lighter than Friday and Saturday.

Amanda January 25, 2013 at 08:37 PM
Thanks unfortunately I made plans to go out downtown in manhattan tonight by subway. ugh


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