Forest Hills: Your Favorite Clicks This Week

What was big in local news this week?

We like to run down what's important to Forest Hills residents every weekend. It helps us keep track of the stories you're most interested in, and it helps you stay current on your neighbors the larger city.

This week, despite the election, the most popular stories in Forest Hills were about local issues, both political and related to the storm.

3. Forest Hills Under Winter Weather Advisory: The impending Nor'Easter got a lot of attention, and for good reason — it dropped the first snow of the season on the neighborhood.

2. : People around here were less interested in the big national story — President Barack Obama's re-election — than they were in the local movers and shakers. Interestingly, U.S. Rep. Bob Turner's revelation that he is done with politics was the fourth most popular story this week. Guess all politics really is local.

1. Gas Station Tacking on Car Wash Charge at Pumps: With a lot of residents still feeling the impact of Hurricane Sandy, a local gas station forcing commuters to pay for a car wash before they filled up the tank got the most attention.


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