For Sale: This Crazy Lamp

It's where art meets light and they get married and have a baby and that baby is this lamp.

Have you got $450 and a dark corner in your house somewhere? Then have I got an opportunity for YOU.

This lamp, which was crafted in what art historians call the "1930s," has some porcelain figurines and some paint on it. It's for sale in Forest Hills right this second. Look at that little guy with the mandolin! He looks like he's having a pretty good time. Not as good a time as you if you buy the lamp, though.

That $450 pricetag may seem a little steep, but it's not really that much when you think about the fact that this object is both a piece of art AND an apparatus that projects photons at inconceivable speeds. 

Via craigslist. 

Do you have something big, heavy, interesting, hilarious, expensive, alive, taxidermied, weird-looking or free you'd like to sell? Let us know, and we'll put it on the site. 


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