For Sale: One Giant Power Ranger

Perfect for scamming the carpool lane!

I'm not sure what, exactly, a person would do with a roughly life-sized Power Ranger, but there you go. 

No price is listed, but really, is there such a thing as paying too much money for this gem? I submit no.

If buying people-sized items is your jam, roll on down to Royal Collectibles on Metropolitan Avenue and inquire within.

Here are a few suggestions for what to do with what I assume is a mannequin dressed as a character from a children's television show:

  • Install robot brain and train as butler. Be sure to add failsafes so it doesn't turn on you/society at large.
  • Hollow out insides, add hinges to neck, and VOILA! The world's tallest Pez dispenser.
  • Been stood up for dinner? Not anymore!
  • Punching bag for particularly intense therapy sessions.
  • I might suggest taking the costume off and wearing it around, but those pants look mighty tight in the crotch.
  • Birdbath. Not sure how that would work. Just birdbath.

Add your own suggestions in the comments!


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