For Sale: Gelato Show Case!

Tired of keeping your gelato in your coat closet? To Craigslist!

I'm more of an ice cream guy myself, but lord knows there are plenty of gelato fans in Forest Hills. 

Now, thankfully, one such fan will have the opportunity to keep fresh gelato in his or her home! And you said I was crazy for dreaming such dreams!

One local restaurant is apparently getting out of the gelato business (or maybe they're upgrading to a state-of-the-art gelato showcase? Who knows) and their loss is your gain. 

The seller, on Craigslist, is asking $3,200 for it, so strap on your big-boy buying pants. And don't bother making an offer, the price is non-negotiable. 

I have to ask you, is $3,200 really too much to pay for seven freezing cold pans of delicious gelato in your home or business every day?

Yes, probably.

Anyway, have a look for yourself.

Via Craigslist.


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