For Sale: Digital Crock Pot

What's digital about it? I dunno.

So this week's sale item really doesn't pack the emotional charge that last week's entire pharmacy did.

This week it's just a crock pot. For $30. As crock pots go, that's not a bad price. Unless you're worried about what exactly was crocked in there the two previous times it's been used.

This crock pot, according to the craigslist seller, is digital. Not sure what that means exactly, but it does make me think of Jeff Bridges making stew in a Tron-like setting. Riding the light bike, deciding he wants to really let the veggies simmer to bring out the flavor. 

I should watch Tron again, actually. 

Anyway, if you want the crock pot, it's on craigslist.

Do you have something big, heavy, interesting, hilarious, expensive, alive, taxidermied, weird-looking or free you'd like to sell? Let us know, and we'll put it on the site. 


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