For Sale: 1984 Olympics Visor

Los Angeles, I'm yours.

The latest in our series of throwback items on sale in Forest Hills, this visor will be sure to stoke the passions of boozy cougars and Olympiad enthuasiats alike.

The price seems a little high for this particular slice of Americana though. When was the last time you saw any living person (non-Steve Spurrier division) wearing a visor? Twenty-five bucks ain't nothing.

I mean really, with modern advances in sculpting gel, hat hair is a thing of the past, like polio or telephone books. 

But aren't we all, in some way, defined by those past eras that we choose to incorporate into ourselves? Isn't life just a collection of moments spent looking backward, polishing memories to a high sheen, rather than forward? 

Man, that got deep. This is what happens to a journalist who re-reads The Great Gatsby on the subway. Careful with literature, you guys.

So anyway, buy this antediluvian headwear and be transported back to the era when people were angry about disco for some reason and Return of the Jedi was just a year old.

Via Craigslist.

Do you have something big, heavy, interesting, hilarious, expensive, alive, taxidermied, weird-looking or free you'd like to sell? Let us know, and we'll put it on the site. 


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