Flooding in Forest Hills: Submit Your Photos!

We want to see the water in your backyards, basements, and driveways. If it's too much for a Sham-Wow, upload it here.

Forest Hills, like many other neighborhoods in Queens, has its share of flooding problems. Lately, however, the water seems to have kicked it up a notch.

City Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz has announced a meeting with the DEP on the issue, slated for next week.

While we wait to hear what the city has to say, we want to get a little first-hand view of what things look like on the ground when drainage in your part of the neighborhood craps out. 

Upload your photos of flooded basements, overflowing drainpipes, impassable driveways and sidestreets turned into sidecreeks right into this album. 

Or, if you'd rather, you can send the photos to me at MatthewH@Patch.com or ForestHills@Patch.com. Fair warning though, I'm just going to upload them to the site.

You have another option — uploading the flood photos to our gallery, foresthills.patch.com/pics

Let us see what you've been dealing with. Best photo gets a squeegee.*

*Nah, I'm not giving you a squeegee. Get your own squeegee.


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