Did You Know: Art Garfunkel Went Missing

Dude just didn't show up for a concert in Sweden.

Crazy, right? They found him in the U.S. a couple days later, but still. Scary stuff. Don't want to be misplacing your aging folk rock icons, especially ones born in Forest Hills.

He's getting older, maybe he forgot he was supposed to do something. That happens to me and I'm not even 30 yet. Garfunkel is like 70. 

So anyway. If you hear someone tell you that Art Garfunkel went missing, just know that he's fine, they totally found him.

Apparently, according to the Swedish news website "The Local," the Forest Hills-born singer wasn't too happy with how his voice was sounding before his scheduled show.

So maybe he just bounced without saying anything. 

Speculate to your heart's content in the comments. 


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