Cafe Mocha at La Boulangerie

The Secret Sipper is taking on warm drinks while we can!

With the days already starting to warm up — in some cases getting downright balmy — the Secret Sipper decided to take advantage of a few of Forest Hills’ hot drinks while we still could.

On the docket today is a café mocha from , Forest Hills’ newest bakery.

With butcher block tables and a peek-a-boo kitchen, the place would feel just as at home in Manhattan as it does in Forest Hills, and you don’t have to sit on the train 45 minutes to get there.

As for the café mocha? It’s perfect for sitting and reading the paper, or maybe just relaxing as you watch the foot traffic on 72nd Road stroll by.

Served at the perfect temperature — hot, but not what I’ve taken to calling “Starbucks scalding” — it’s a great blend of both espresso and chocolate, with neither overpowering the other.

The head is light foam with enough sprinkled cocoa powder to give you a taste of the chocolate you want without going overboard.

Take your time with it, it’s a drink for a leisurely day.

As with all café mochas, the chocolate powder sinks to the bottom of the mug. So for espresso purists, the first sip is going to be the best. Chocolate lovers will favor the last sip.


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